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John Mazzola Leadership Award

The John Mazzola Leadership Award is presented annually to the player(s) that displays the spirit of the award.

The following is the inscription from the award plaque.

"Leaders aren't always the loudest or the most popular. They don't have to be. Yet they're essential to a winning team. They are respected by their teammates who depend heavily upon them to win.

Leaders are molded from the highest character and generally the hardest workers on the team. They're the first ones to come to practice and the last ones to leave. During practice they lead by example with their mouths closed, concentrating hard. They understand the team's goals so they know what has to be done. They realize that practice is precious, preparation time for the real thing -- THE GAME"


Award Winners

1998 - Pat McNichols 1999 - James Allen
2000 - Dominic Scoles 2001 - Tim Lovasz
2002 - Jake Bantel 2003 - Peter Malinowski
2004 - Ryan Evers and Paul Kruger 2005 - Nick Giuliani
2006 - Jeff Ericson 2007 - Curtis Ford & Nick Peterson
2008 - Dan Kroupa 2009 - Scott Sommerfeld













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